Physical fitness is

the first requisite

of happiness



 is a physical practice that defines, strengthens, lengthens, corrects postural imbalances and heals injuries.  It is best learned one on one with a certified teacher so your individual needs and goals are met

most effectively.


is a multifaceted physical and

spiritual practice that addresses muscular and mental imbalances.  It

is extremely beneficial to learn yoga postures privately before launching

into larger format classes.


is an excellent way to connect to your physical body in a more passive way.  It is the perfect compliment to an active physical practice and it is a key component to full body health.

The Cerny System

 is an innovative and effective way of treating scoliosis.  Owner of Studio inForm, Jana Cerny, has been creating this work since 1997 through her experience treating and helping those with curvatures of the spine.